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Welcome to! I’m not a critic, I’m a movie lover.  I very rarely write about movies I didn’t like, unless a) I’m getting paid to do so or b) I find something interesting with what went wrong.  I write reviews for the Durango Telegraph, Indian Life, InterVarsity’s blog, and other publications from time to time.   Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of movies too.

Got a question? Check out our FAQ’s here:

Who are you?

My name’s Willie Krischke, and I live in Durango, Colorado. I love movies and I love writing. I write reviews for InterVarsity, Indian Life, and the Durango Telegraph.  Currently, I write all the reviews for this site. What else do you need to know?

When do you post reviews?

Whenever I have time and energy to sit down and get them online.

How do you choose what movie’s you’ll review?

It’s complicated.   I try to see everything worth seeing, but mostly I watch what interests me.  If you’d like to hear what I think of a certain movie, email me at But no promises.

Can I write reviews for your website?

You can, but it doesn’t pay anything. For now, this is simply a labor of love. But if you’re just looking to get some exposure, write a 600-750 word review (of a movie I haven’t reviewed yet, naturally) and email it to me at Don’t submit reviews already published elsewhere, or that you’re submitting elsewhere. I reserve the right to reject submitted reviews for any or no reason at all, as well as to mercilessly edit your review. But if I like what you’ve written, I’ll publish it and give you a byline.

I heard that you’re a Christian. Are these reviews written from a Christian perspective?

These reviews are written from my perspective, and yes, I am a Christian. Whether or not my perspective is the typical Christian perspective is not for me to decide. I don’t consciously, deliberately try to write reviews for other Christians, but I do find myself often writing about morals or worldviews or the spiritual significance of movies, or about symbols of Christ in movies.  I certainly don’t choose movies based on their endorsement or condemnation by Christian groups.  I see what interests me, and I write about what I see, and I do find that my faith informs what I see.

Will you tell me how much offensive stuff (bad language, nudity, violence, etc.) is in a movie?

No. That’s the MPAA’s job. Here’s their website:

I’ll generally include in my review if I find anything particularly offensive or objectionable, but I find it distracts from the actual watching (and enjoying) of a movie to have to count the number of F-words or time the sex scenes. And I’d rather not write the kind of descriptions about the “dirty” parts of movies that some people want.

if you don’t think MPAA’s strict enough, or are completely out to lunch half the time anyway, there are a lot of other resources. Here are a few I recommend:

any other questions?

email me at

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