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For the Love of Spock

Documentaries– films that give the viewer insights into real life –are one of my favorite genres. A good definition of documentaries is that as movies tell good fictional stories documentary tell good non-fiction stories at their best. We as a species tend to think of fictional characters as real people; maybe this is because stories mean so much to us. One of the stories that has meant a lot to a lot of people is that of Star Trek. These stories of adventures in space following a crew of adventurers with a strong moral code inspires many to this day including this author.

For the Love of Spock is about Leonard Nimoy, the man behind one of the show’s most beloved characters: the pointy-eared, logical, green-blooded Mr. Spock,. The film is directed by Adam Nimoy, who gives us a glimpse into his father’s life and career. It also has insights from those who loved him best. It shows Leonard Nimoy as the real, fascinating and very human person that he was in life.

A documentary is always somewhat invasive. It includes candid interviews from all his fellow Star Trek cast members; archival interviews with the relevant players, footage from his other TV work and the special recollections of his wives and children. A high point are the interviews with his devoted fans and how the character he played meant so much to them. This documentary is a loving and candid tribute. We see Nimoy the man and not the character. We his struggles, his woes and his failings,  but also his compassion and his deep passion for life. We get to see Leonard Nimoy and remember his immense talent.

In the end, when we see a good biography on the screen, we think to our own lives and seek to better them through loving more and daring to dream and act. I recommend you see this documentary. It’s playing on Netflix.

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