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Allied – Casablanca Revisited

Robert Zemeckis tends to make a good movie. His new movie “Allied” was quite enjoyable. It tells the story of a Canadian intelligence operative, played by Brad Pitt, and a French resistance fighter, played by Marion Cotillard. Brad Pitt Falls head-over-heels with this fellow operative and decides to marry her. We proceed on to an almost too adorable marriage during the height of the second World War when suddenly she is accused of being a German spy by his superiors. Brad Pitt character decides to investigate and try to prove his wife innocent.

I like historical dramas. I think they capture a type of storytelling where we have a drama but take place in an almost fantastic world that no longer exists anymore. The production design of “Allied” is pretty impressive and appealing. I had the sensation of actually being in the past, which is the best thing historical drama can do. The world of 1940s Vichy-occupied Casablanca comes to life in living color. In fact it all looks new. I’m a fan of the classic “Casablanca,” so it was fun to visit that famous city once more. We get to sit through London during some of the later air raids of the Blitz, and I was impressed with how realistic it looked with enemy aircraft catching on fire and crashing into the ground, as well as anti-aircraft munitions flying up and exploding in the sky. The cast is pretty great in this movie, including the criminally underused Jared Harris. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are at the top of their game.

I think this movie tells a surprisingly believable love story. A love story is kind of hard to do because it’s been done a lot of times before. You really need good actors and a good script in order to make this story believable and touching. And I’m glad to see this movie definitely achieves that. I was riveted in my seat, drawn to this vision of love and war time. Now this movie definitely has its flaws — often one of the weaknesses of historical dramas is that we like to set our modern values and our morality in the past. That shows up obviously a few times in “Allied.” But it doesn’t distract from the overall movie. While it definitely isn’t perfect, it is very entertaining and I would recommend that you see it.

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