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Finding Dory

By Courtland Hopkins

Finally! The long -awaited sequel to the classic 2003’s “Finding Nemo” has arrived in theaters. The story is one of my favorites and was excited and a smidge nervous to watch this latest entry into the Pixar canon. Pixar has had some great sequels (The Toy Story series) and some bad ones (Cars 2) so I was a little worried. But this movie sets its own story with a good premise: where did Dory come from? Sure, her memory lapse made for some good laughs in the original. But I think it was a good move to feature our beloved Dory searching for her roots and origins. I think the movie works. And spoiler alert: it has a happy ending which is wonderful.

The original “Finding Nemo” is poignant, dramatic, and a great story. It is perhaps the example of how to make a great movie. The new movie maintains that level of quality, The CGI looks incredible bringing the under ocean world to life. The characters are lovingly created and voiced by the original players (With the exception of Nemo.) The story explains how our beloved Dory ended up encountering Marlin in the first movie.  It weaves in the old and the new and makes this vast world they created appealing and engrossing to the audience. Dory’s relationship with the introverted Octopus Hank voiced by Ed O’Neil is a highlight. The characters go on a journey. It’s a fantastic odyssey.

It’s summertime, and it is nice to take some refuge from the heat inside the nice A/C darkness of the movie theater. I think “Finding Dory” is a fun summer treat. When I was in the theater I saw a little girl with her “Finding Nemo” toys with her. I think the summer movie theater is where we as movie watchers get to enjoy the phenomena of the happy ending. “Finding Dory” has a happy ending and that is why I recommend it. You leave the theater feeling very good but you also feel that the journey was a worthy use of your time. The best recommendation for a sequel is for me the reviewer to say I’m glad they made it. And I am. See it.

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