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The Blair Witch Project (1999)

These days when “found footage” horror flicks are a dime a dozen, it’s hard to imagine ever being fooled into believing what you saw on the screen might actually be real.   But “Blair Witch” was before the dawn of Facebook or Twitter, and was cleverly marketed, so when I saw it in the theaters in ’99, I remember being really freaked out — because none of us were sure what WHAT we were seeing.

Watching it now is of course a different experience, but it’s still a delighftully frightful movie.  Oddly, on top of that, it also functions as a surprisingly effective time capsule.  Because it wasn’t scripted, (and because it was so low budget) the characters REALLY remind me of people I knew in college.  They talk, dress, and act the same – it goes beyond what they say, it’s more about how they say it.

As a horror flick, though, it doesn’t hold up very well to more than one viewing.  I think if you haven’t seen it and don’t know much about it, it could still be pretty creepy, but when you know where things are going, there’s not much thrill to it.  It’s neither the kind of horror film that relies on startling moments – things jumping out at you — or the kind that banks on unsettling images.   Everything is a slow build, and the fear factor is based on weird piles of rocks, stick figures in the trees, and not really knowing what’s going on thanks to the disjointed camera work.  It’s all sufficiently frightening the first time around, but after that, it’s a pretty mundane horror flick.

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  1. I personally loved Frozen. I loved the cast, the wrtinig, the story, etc. When I went into it I had 0 idea what it was about. I stayed away from all news on it. In fact, I thought it was going to be another slasher film. In the end, I love Adam Green and his passion for the genre.

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