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“Ted” is a raunchy comedy from the mind of Seth MacFarlane, creator of “Family Guy” and all those other TV shows that look and act just like Family Guy.  This movie also acts just like “Family Guy,” though it’s live action/CGI, so it looks a little different.

This comedy runs in the same vein as so many comedies these days, finding humor in a developmentally arrested man-child’s antics.  The titular character is a teddy bear that magically came to life when the kid was 10 and lonely.  Now the kid (Mark Wahlberg) is 35, the teddy bear is 20, and the two smoke pot and play XBox together.

Really, Ted isn’t all that different from a Seth Rogen character (like the one he played in “50/50”.)  He’s rude and raunchy and pretty funny, most of the time.  Many critics have warned about the shockingly raunchy nature of this film, but it doesn’t seem all that different from other comedies to me.  Is it as offensive as a Sacha Baron Coen film?  Not nearly.  Are there as many jokes about bodily functions as in a Will Ferrell flick?  Probably not.  Fart and vagina jokes aren’t shocking anymore.   What would be shocking is if someone could make a comedy without them.

Having said that, “Ted,” isn’t as stupid as most stupid comedies.  MacFarlane’s pretty sharp, and most of the jokes work.  It’s a pretty funny movie, if not exactly surprising or original.  It might be the best mainstream comedy of the  year, but that’s not saying much.  Within this sub-genre of raunchy man-child comedies, with its extremely limited potential, “Ted” might be the best of the bunch.   Now – could we possibly move on and find another, richer vein of comedy to mine?  This one’s pretty played out.

Verdict: Recommended, half-heartedly.   I mean, if you’re going to watch this kind of movie, you might as well watch this movie.  You could do worse.

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