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Uzak (2002)

Ugh.  Another dud from that “1001 Movies Before You Die” book.

Apparently some film professor looked over the list and thought, “there aren’t enough boring European films on this list.  Let’s add Uzak!”

I hate films where nothing happens.  I want a story.  A conflict, a challenge, a resolution.  Mood and atmosphere enhance a film if it has a good story, but mood and atmosphere alone don’t make a movie, in my opinion.

“Uzak” is all about mood and atmosphere.   Set in Turkey, it’s about a man who goes to Istanbul looking for a job, and shows up on his cousin’s doorstep unannounced.  His cousin, of course, lets him live at his place until he can get set up with a job and place to live of his own.

But that never happens.  There are no jobs.  The two men live in the same flat and do their best to avoid and not annoy each other.  They are both lonely, but neither will step out of their comfort zone and initiate with the other.  They watch TV together.  (We watch TV with them.)   That’s the extent of their relationship.

And…. that’s all that happens in this total snoozer of a movie.  I guess I would say it’s a movie about feeling trapped, bored with life, a certain amount of angst and ennui, a certain kind of regret and inertia in a direction you don’t want to be going.   And that’s how you’ll feel watching it — trapped, bored, desperate to be doing something else.

Verdict: Not Recommended  Unless the sleeping pills just aren’t working.

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