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The Boondock Saints (2000) / Overnight (2003)

A pair of Irish twins in Boston decide that God wants them to rid the city of all its scum through violence and vigilantism.  Along the way, they destroy a toilet and accidentally kill a cat.

I’ve heard about this movie for years and it’s always showing up on cult lists, but holy cow, is it terrible.  A complete amateur aping of Tarantino (with a little bit of Scorsese thrown in) a completely tin ear and not enough sense to know how much is too much.  The one good thing about it is also perhaps the most terrible thing: Willem Dafoe.  He seems to be the only one involved in the project who knows what a terrible movie they’re all making, and he chews scenery with relish and delight.

…and then I watched this mean-spirited documentary about Troy Duffy, the talentless hack who wrote and directed “The Boondock Saints.”  He thinks he’s the next Quentin Tarantino, and somehow convinced Harvey Weinstein he might be.  (He also thinks he’s the next Mick Jagger.  “We’re going to do something nobody’s ever done before.)  Apparently he thinks the best way to do business is to burn a bridge at the exact moment you’re trying to cross it.   If the movie he made was even halfway good, I might feel back that Harvey blacklisted him, and he had to make the film on his own dime, couldn’t find anybody to distribute it, and then when he did get a deal, got written out of making any money off of it.  But it’s a terrible movie, and he comes across as such an insufferable jerk, I’m kind of glad he got cheated in the end.  He keeps talking in the film about “finally getting what I deserve.”  That seems to be exactly what happened.

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