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The Untouchables (1987)

Kevin Costner plays Elliott Ness, Chicago crusader against alcohol and Al Capone.  Sean Connery is the Irish beat cop he hires to teach him about good police work.  Andy Garcia is the young punk who can shoot they bring in from the Academy.  And there’s another guy, a balding accountant with glasses who keeps going on about tax evasion.

“Lawless” made me want to watch this, the other side of the Prohibition battles, so to speak.  It’s awfully slick and shiny and sometimes straight up hokey, and David Mamet’s writing, as always, is at times terribly stiff.  (Connery is excellent at times, and terribly pedantic at others.  “Are you cold?  Then stomp your feet, it will warm you up.”  Thanks, Mom.)

But it’s still a pretty entertaining movie with some memorable sequences.   I love the way De Palma watches Sean Connery through the windows before the hit, and of course the baby carriage scene is classic.

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