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The Cabin in the Woods

A group of college kids head out to the titular cabin in the woods for a weekend of debauchery, ignoring the warning of the creepy gas station attendant and every sign of danger along the way.   But someone else has other plans for them… terrible plans they won’t likely survive!

Joss Whedon and his long-time pal Drew Goddard gave us this fun send-up of horror movie conventions, which sat on the studio shelf for a long time for some reason. (one of the stars is Chris Hemsworth of “Thor,” who was a nobody when this was filmed.)  It is one of the most enjoyable films I’ve seen in a while and will probably end up on my “best of 2012” list at the end of the year.  I love meta, and “Cabin in the Woods” is full of it.  It’s both a fully functioning horror flick with plenty of gotcha! scares and a commentary on horror movie conventions, or perhaps even on the reasons why we watch movies where everybody but the virgin dies, and what it’s like to make a movie of that sort.  I highly recommend it to anyone who liked “Scream,”  or to anybody who laughs as much as they jump in fright when they watch scary movies.


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