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Just for Fun: Film Class

I’m going to shake things up a bit, mostly for my own sake and because this sounds like fun.   For a while (until I get bored with it,) I’m going to write reviews like I’m the professor of a film class, and the movies are students’ final projects.   I’ll grade them, and, just like on the papers I got back from professors in college, I’ll write long comments after the grade on what I liked and didn’t like about their work.

I am aware this seems awfully pretentious.  I am in no way qualified to be a film professor, and the idea that I might have something to teach great directors like Abbas Kiarastomi and Pedro Almodovar (the first two reviews I’ll write this way) is totally preposterous.  I hope you, dear reader, will see this simply as a way to have fun with movie reviews and not as  terribly arrogant posturing on my part.

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