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I used to really like Kristen Wiig.  Her brief scene in “Ghost Town” (“I died?”  “Little bit.”) was the best part of that movie.  And she was pretty fun in “Knocked Up” and “Adventureland,” too.  But lately…not so much.  She was super annoying in “Paul,” though that may have been the way the character was written more than her performance.  Still, you can pass on a script.  And now, having watched the film she wrote, I’m officially off the Kristen Wiig bandwagon.

Everyone knows that being selected the Maid of Honor is a horrible job, and there ought to be a lot of comedy in exploring the dark side of that.  And there is, I guess; the problem is “Bridesmaids” goes almost exclusively for the comedy of the awkward, painful, embarassing moment.   And I’m just not that into it.  After a while, (pretty quick, actually) those moments just feel more painful and embarassing than funny.

General setup: Kristen Wiig is her best friend Maya Rudolph’s maid of honor.  Rudolph is marrying a super-rich guy whose sister would like to be Rudolph’s new best friend.  She can seriously out MoH Wiig, who is broke and hopeless.  They all get food poisoning at the bridesmaid’s luncheon.  They can’t get in to the super-exclusive dress shop.  She wants to go to the lake for the bachelorette party, but everyone else wants to go to Vegas, and she blows that, too.  Etc. etc.  About halfway through the film, it seems like Wiig (the writer) is just imagining everything that could possibly go wrong in Wiig (the character)’s life, and making it happen.  She loses her dumb job.  She gets kicked out of her crappy apartment.  She pisses off the cop she’s been flirting with.  You name it it goes bad.

The whole thing just gets old, long before it gets good.  And it doesn’t even get that good.  The wedding, as coordinated by the rich sister-in-law, is surprisingly tacky (it looks like they’re getting married in–literally, IN — the fountain outside the Bellagio) and when the two of them make up, it just feels weak.  Seriously, I think I would’ve preferred a hokey ending where the sister-in-law turns out to be devious and secretly engineering all the bad stuff that happens to Wiig (that’s where I thought it was going.)  That would’ve been bad, but it would’ve been something.  Instead, we don’t get much.   Just a catalog of painful moments.   Next time, I’ll pass.

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