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Top Movies of the Decade #11

11. Pan’s Labyrinth

The old fairy tales were mythologically powerful, touching on deep and universal issues, but also often commenting on current political/social climates.   They were also creepy as hell, stories kids would remember because they were terrified by them. (Fairies themselves were freaky beings; not the kind you’d clap your hands to keep alive.) Disney have come along and scrubbed those old stories clean, adding mice named “Gus” and singing candlesticks.  Which are creepy in their own special way.

With “Pan’s Labyrinth,”  Guillermo del Toro has recaptured that old fairy tale feeling– that old bone-chilling magic.  Set in Franco’s Spain and the story of a little girl in a terrible situation, animated by Del Toro’s signature visual style, “Labyrinth” is alternately horrifying and beautiful, imaginative and suffused with grim realism.   It’s an incredible ambitious film that lives up to every last bit of its potential.

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  1. steve said

    stoked for the top ten!

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