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Top Movies of the Decade #14

From my original review: “Kathryn Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker” may be the first essential war movie to come out of this mess we’re in.   And it succeeds because it doesn’t really bother with “this mess we’re in;” instead, it dives wholeheartedly into the realities, the textures, the detritus as well as the fortitude, quiet heroism, and everyday struggle of war…  With her chosen depth of focus, it’s crucial that Bigelow captures what it feels like to be on the ground in a war zone.   There’s no pulling back here to examine what it all means; everything runs situation to situation, from one bomb to the next.   She absolutely masters it; capturing the tension, the exhaustion, the disorientation and the exhilaration of these men at work.”

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