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Top Movies of the Decade #19

19.  Wall-E

In my original review, I considered “Wall-E” half a good movie — namely, the first half, with all its Buster Keaton and “Hello Dolly” references.  I found the second half kind of mean;  the people are fat and round and literally attached to their TVs, and the planet is overrun with their garbage.   An argument can be made that this is where we’re headed, but really, does that argument belong in a kid’s movie about a sweet little robot?

But on second viewing, I’ve found it to be a little gentler than I remembered.  The people are hungry for connection, receptive to wonder, and willing to help WALL-E in his madcap escape from the evil steering wheel computer.   Maybe the point Pixar was making isn’t that we’re terrible people, but that we’re being steered alarming directions by the things we’ve built to make our lives more convenient.

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