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Top Movies of the Decade #24

24.  Synecdoche, New York

From my review:

“Synechdoche” unfolds methodically, beautifully, with a kind of logic that defies reason but gives every bizarre turn of events not only the ring of truth, but a sense of inevitability. It feels like the opposite of a Russian doll: one layer piles onto the next, always expanding outward, always looking basically the same.   It’s certainly a challenging movie; after two viewings, there are parts of it I still don’t understand (what’s up with the burning house?)  but I am confident they have meaning and are understandable, and maybe next time through, I’ll get it. Hoffman is perfect and seems born to play Kaufman’s double; he makes this role seem like the one he’s been building up to for years.   Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut is dour, somber and slow at times, but is the kind of movie you come back to; it’s certainly worth seeing more than once, and I have the feeling it’s one of only a few movies from 2009 that people will still be watching in 2029.

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