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My Brother Matt’s 10 Favorite Movies

This is a guest post from my  18 year old brother, Matt.   I talk to him about movies more than just about anyone else.  We are regularly recommending movies to each other, and I’ve learned to pay attention to his recommendations, because while his tastes are different than mine, he knows a good movie when he sees one.

My Top 10 Movies

By Matthew Krischke

1. The Crow

a cult classic, this movie is my favorite because it has a strong emotions, good action and surprisingly its a love story.

a revenge love story…. one more thing that makes this movie so good is the fact that Brandon Lee (Bruce Lees son)  died during the making of this movie and his ‘ghost’ seems to haunt every frame of the movie.

2. Repo! The genetic opera

another cult classic, i think it is impossible to see this movie and say you hated it (unless your easily offended) Being a musical it is easy to watch this movie over and over again, the songs are catchy and you’ll be singing along in no time.

3. Sling Blade

this one really is a must see. the story is sweet, the premise is somewhat dark and billy bob Thorntons portrayal of the main character is probably the best acting i have ever seen.

4. The Elephant man

this film is beautiful and really quite humbling. it deals with a key problem of humanity: acceptance. Joseph merricks story is sad and if you dont cry at least once during this movie you probably need to contact a psychiatrist (keep in mind this is a true story)

5. Toy Story 3

yeah you probably didnt see that one coming. i personally think Toy Story 3 is home to the most beautiful cinematic moment in film history (the furnace scene) no human actors could have done what those animated toys did with that amount of emotion. the only other cinematic moment which i can think might possibly beat that one is in the previously mentioned “The Elephant Man”aside from that moment this movie will keep you laughing till nearly the end.

6. Cool Hand Luke

another unexpected one? this movie caught me off guard, when i started watching it i was thinking ‘meh its some cowboy movie’ and i only watched it because my mom said it was really good. i think this movie is the perfect way to display the ‘fighting spirit’ housed in only the most courageous people. i respect cool hand luke.

7. Donnie Darko

one more cult classic to add to the collection, this movie deals with…..well you just kind of have to watch it. this movie has so much hidden inside of it that even after watching it 7 times i am still seeing pieces of it that i didnt catch the first 6 times…

8. Inception

although toy story 3 was amazing and i place it higher on my list than inception i must admit that i enjoyed seeing this movie more. mostly because of the fact that everyone i talk to doesnt get it and with just a few words about the movie i can have them going “HOLY CRAP WHAT????” i wont say anymore but if you see it and dont get it message me or something. just watch that twist there at the end… its the most important part.

9. The Invisible

its a love story and a ghost story. its dark but not to the point where you wont be able to enjoy it if you dont like dark. its beautiful and sad and has an ending that will leave you like this –> =’0

10. The Road

this movie is unlike any post-apocalyptic movie you have ever seen. its not about killing or about zombies or about trying to get the bible spread to all the peoples who kill each other. its about hope, survival and trust.

for now these are my top 10. they are always changing though.

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