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Top Movies of the Decade #26

26. The Royal Tenenbaums

I’m not sure what to say about Wes Anderson and his catalog of films; for some it’s love at first sight, for others, an acquired taste, and many will never find anything to love at all in them.  “The Royal Tenenbaums” isn’t where I would start (that would be Fantastic Mr. Fox,) but it’s where I keep ending up; this is the best of his odd films.   It’s better than the rest because, while its characters begin as overly comical caricatures, they slowly grow into real live people, with real blood pumping in their veins.   So while “Tenenbaums” is just as angular and formaland well, odd as any of the rest of Anderson’s films, it’s also heartwarming and sincere.   I still don’t understand how it manages that.  But it does.  And that makes it a legitimately great film.

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