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Top Movies of the Decade #43

43. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

diving_bell_and_the_butterfly From my original review:

“Almost the entire first half of the movie is filmed directly from Baubie’s perspective, including his blurry sight, lack of peripheral vision, and every single person’s annoying knack of getting right up in his face to talk to him. (More annoying are the folks who pace in front of him, passing in and out of his field of vision, or, worst of all, the janitor who turns off the soccer game on the TV in front of him.) It’s amazing how well this works on screen; for a few moments I was lost musing about just how watching a movie is like being paralyzed with only one eye open. You see what you are shown; you can’t look away or change the view, even if you’re pretty sure the real action is going on somewhere else.”

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