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Top Movies of the Decade #52

52. The Descent

SAW_1Sheet_Comps The great thing about “The Descent” is that it starts out with a sort of existentially creepy premise — a group of women descend into a cave and then get lost in the bowels of the earth, searching for a way back to the surface that may not exist– and then it adds some really freaky monsters to the mix.   This is “Alien” meets “Open Water,” with a touch of “Deliverance” thrown in for flavor.   It’s amazing that writer/director Neil Marshall pulls it off;  it’s terrifying just how well he pulls it off.

I checked my list.   There are other scary films to come, but always they are great because they are scary AND something – thoughtful, visually creative, etc.   “The Descent” is pure scare, delivered full bore.   Which makes this the best horror  film of the decade.

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