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Top Movies of the Decade #55

55. The Ring

theringI like scary movies; I really enjoy the tension-release aspect of them.  And I’d rather watch a bad scary movie than a bad romance or drama or action flick any day; bad scary movies are still fun.   And when they’re good, all the better.

But I don’t find them scary.   They make me jump, they creep me out, sure.  But the only movie that has ever – EVER – given me nightmares was “The Ring.”  I think that’s because, with all other scary movies, there’s a thick glass screen between me and the action, however gruesome or menacing it may be.   An unbreakable barrier is between us.   But in “The Ring” that barrier is violated.   In fact, that whole idea– the “it’s only a video, I can watch and not be harmed” idea – is turned on its head.  You die because you watched the video.  The monsters actually crawl out of the TV.

That’s just terrifying.  And genius.  And makes “The Ring” one of the very best scary movies of the decade.

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