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Top Movies of the Decade #79

79.  Once

onceFrom my original review:

“Once” is pretty much a perfect little musical. It is perfect because it is little, and who knew musicals could work as little movies? Usually they’re so over the top that you’ve got to assume coming in that you’re in a parallel universe where it’s perfectly normal to burst into song and dance numbers in the middle of a busy street, and for passersby to know the dance steps — and harmonies — by heart.

But “Once” isn’t beamed to us from that universe. It comes fresh off the streets of Dublin, and feels real, gritty, and immediate. It’s about a guy who plays guitar on the street for change (called a “Busker” across the pond,) and a girl who stops to listen to him. Turns out she can play a little, too. Naturally there’s music involved, but no dancing.”

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