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Top Movies of the Decade #84

84. Knocked Up

knockedupJudd Apatow absolutely dominated comedy in the latter half of the decade, getting his fingers into every comedy project coming out of the Hollywood – or maybe it just seemed that way.   Regardless, this romantic comedy about a dope-smoking slacker and an uptight career woman who accidentally have a baby together demonstrates Apatow’s strengths at veering from ridiculously raunchy to shamelessly sweet without giving its viewers whiplash.  At the same time, it manages to takes seriously the anxieties of becoming a parent for the first time, and the sacrifices that requires – whether you’re giving up your dope-smoking slacker lifestyle or your 60-hour a week and nightclubs on the weekends lifestyle.   Neither are conducive to good parenting.

And it made stars out of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Katherine Hegl.   “Knocked Up” was one of the warmest, funniest, sweetest comedies of the decade.

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