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Top Movies of the Decade #86

86.  Monster

monster I’ve mentioned a couple of times while making this list a movie’s “rewatchability” factor.   Some movies are great, and memorable, because they’re just as good the second, and twenty-second, time you pop them in the DVD player.   And then there are movies like “Monster,”  which you’ll see once, and then never, ever want to see again, for any reason.   It’s that good.

Lots of actresses “go ugly” to get the attention of the Academy (think Halle Berry in “Monsters Ball,”  Angelina Jolie in “A Mighty Heart,”  Cameron Diaz in “My Sister’s Keeper,”   Mariah Carey in “Precious”)  but nobody has done it with the commitment , skill, and, yes, talent of Charlize Theron.   The performance is amazing, harrowing, and beyond memorable – it sears itself into your memory.   Let me say this — if there were a Best Performance by an Actress of the Decade,  Theron in “Monster” would be on my short list.

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