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Top Movies of the Decade #87

87.  Best in Show

best_in_show Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries are one of those cinematic phenomenons–like Robert Altman films from the ’70s–  that will be nearly impossible to explain in 20 years.   “Well, they weren’t documentaries, but they were made to look like they were, and there wasn’t really a script, just a group of actors improvising, and there isn’t really a plot…”

“Best in Show” lampoons a dog show and the quirky people who attend, and while it goes a hundred directions at once, it is sly, wickedly funny, smart, sharp, and never dull–not for a moment.   Unlike most comedies made this decade, “Best in Show” doesn’t telegraph its jokes in all-caps.   And that makes it rewatchable.   And its rewatchability makes it one of the best movies of the decade.

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