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Top Movies of the Decade #88

88.  Cold Mountain

cold mountain The second movie of the decade set in the South and based loosely on The Odyssey (“O Brother Where Art Thou” was the first,)  “Cold Mountain” is everything classic Hollywood fans want out of a movie;  it’s sweeping, it’s epic, it’s romantic, it’s tragic, it’s gorgeous.    It also manages to incorporate some great music (led by White Stripes troubador Jack White) and humorous, earthy characters (Renee Zelwiger won an Oscar for her performance, and Philip Seymour Hofman should’ve won one for his.)   Jude Law and Nicole Kidman might be accused of trying too hard to be Big Hollywood Stars (e.g.  Gable/O’Hara,  Bogart/Bacall, Tracy/Hepburn) but there’s so much good stuff here, “Cold Mountain’s faults can be easily forgiven.

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