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DVD Roundup

drag_me_to_hell_choke2Drag Me to Hell


  • if you liked the Evil Dead series.
  • if you think horror movies should make you laugh, not give you nightmares.

Not Recommended

  • if you really love the “Saw” series, and/or other sick and disturbing horror flicks.
  • if you think “horror” and you think gallons of blood, naked chicks, etc.
  • if you frighten really, really, easily.   I mean super easy.

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adoration Adoration – Intriguing entry from Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan has a young man co-opting the story of a Jordanian terrorist and plugging it into his own family history.  I hope to catch up with this sooner rather than later.

every little step Every Little Step – Documentary about the enduring Broadway musical “A Chorus Line.”



amvi American Violet – Message movie about institutional racism in the Texas justice system that’s a little too much message, not enough movie.


proposalThe Proposal – Another terrible romcom from my Least Favorite Actress Ever.   There should be a law against Sandra Bullock making more than one movie a year.   This one’s a rehash of the old Greencard Marriage plot.   Yawn…

objective The Objective – the plot sounds like something straight out of X-Files – a group of soldiers  encounter a supernatural entity in the mountains of Afghanistan.   “Straight out of X-Files” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the word is, “The Objective” is a bad movie.   A very bad movie.

landofthelostLand of the Lost – Seems like there was a time when Will Farrell was actually funny.   Or was that just my imagination?   This movie version of a TV show nobody really liked in the first place didn’t please anybody and didn’t make Ferrell any new fans.




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