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A Perfect Getaway


[Rating: 3/5]

A deliriously happy, slightly annoying newlywed couple are determined to wring every last scenetastic drop out of their honeymoon.   Until they hear from some freaked out hikers that  serial killers are on the loose on the islands.   Should they turn around and head home?   Of course not!  We have to see that waterfall 3.2 miles ahead!  Hike on!

There’s always some good fun to be had out of serial killers on the loose in tropical locations, and “A Perfect Getaway” goes about having all that fun.  Steve Zahn and Mila Jovovich play the yuppy couple with relish, and six different suspects are introduced in the first ten minutes, all of whom return, of course, so that we remember that they were creepy the first time around.   A well-sculpted Timothy Olyphant leads the pack, letting Zahn and Jovovich know that he’s “incredibly hard to kill.”

Naturally, there’s an Act Two twist that sets up a heart-pounding, knife-wielding Act Three; you’ll see it coming if you watch movies like this very often.  “A Perfect Getaway” isn’t terribly original, clever, or interesting, but it is good, well-executed fun without being brainless, stale, or clumsy.    If this is the kind of movie you like, you’ll like this movie.

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