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DVD Roundup

I’m back from vacation, and my gosh are there a lot of good movies coming out on DVD the next few weeks.   Here’s where to start:

I Love You, Man

Jason Segel helps Paul Rudd unleash his inner Geddy.
Jason Segel helps Paul Rudd unleash his inner Geddy.


  • If you like watching the unbridled male ID on display.  Jason Segel gets it done.
  • If you’ve started to wonder why so many comedies lately feature the unbridled male Id.
  • If you’re about to get married, and need to have a talk about man caves and video game obsessions with your fiance.

Not Recommended

  • if you’re sick and tired of watching men act like children on movie screens.
  • if you’re a woman, and you don’t see any reason why men can’t just grow up and act like civilized human beings – you know, with manners and taste and stuff.

Click here for full review.

Anna checks the lists to see if her husband is dead or alive.

Katyn – [Rating: 3/5] Beautifully shot, thoughtful Polish movie about the Katyn massacre – and those it left behind.  Click here for review.

picture-8 The Class – I’ve been waiting for this to come out since January, so naturally it comes out the week I’m gone.  I’ll have a review for you tomorrow.

picture-9 17 Again – Zac Efron brings us another frothy Body Switch teen comedy (a la Freaky Friday, Big, and dozens of others.)  Some formulas never get old.  This isn’t one of them.

picture-10 Alien Trespass – Deliberately campy alien invasion flick might’ve benefitted from not being released so close to Sam Raimi’s camp masterpiece, “Drag Me to Hell.”   Still, it could be good fun, if you’re in the right mood.

picture-11 Paris 36 – Dull, tired French movie about a group of dull, tired people trying to save a theater by putting on a dull, tired show.

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