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DVD Roundup

waltz-with-bashir Waltz With Bashir   [Rating: 4/5] 

 #17 on my list of “Best Movies of 2008” is this strange, haunting tale of an Israeli soldier trying to remember his part in a massacre that took place 30 years ago.   Definitely worth your time.   Click the pic to read the review.   



inkheart-01 Inkheart  [Rating: 3/5]

  Pretty decent little kid’s story that has an inordinate, and totally charming, love for books.   Click the pick (or page down a little) to read the review.  


Phoebe in Wonderland Phoebe in Wonderland – Wish I’d had time to get to this quirky indie pick about a child who deals with her own social disorder through an elementary school theater production.   Sounds interesting.  


homepage  Confessions of a Shopaholic – Screwball comedy/chick flick/Bruckheimer produced slab of mass audience annoyance/entertainment might be right for you if you’re in the right mood.   I think I was last in that mood in 1994.  


picture-5  Pink Panther 2  – You know what the world really needs?   A crappy remake of a crappy movie.   Is Steve Martin living in his own private universe these days?  (Does Eddie Murphy occasionally visit from his?)


picture-7  Bob Funk – Can perky young office assistant Rachel Leigh Cook pull Bob out of his funk?   Is any of this funny, or interesting?   At all?

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