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DVD Roundup

New movies on DVD this week: 


Get offa my lawn!   Grr....

 [Rating: 2/5]  Gran Torino – Clint Eastwood growls his way through an utterly predictable, but still kind of fun, flick about grumpy old men, multiethnicity, and young boys who need father figures.   


picture Crossing OverHarrison Ford growls his way through a movie about grumpy old men and immigration that totally flopped.  



picture-1  Fired UpTwo horny guys sneak into cheerleading camp, where they fall in love, help the cheer team win a competition, see lots of hot girls, etc. etc.   If this hadn’t already been made, it certainly didn’t need to be.   But I guess there will always be an audience for PG-13 porn. 



The International – Clive Owen takes on the international bank, or something like that.  There is exactly one scene worth seeing in this movie – the shootout in the Guggenheim.   The rest is pretty standard, scripted-by-monkeys action fare.  



picture-3Nobel Son – Alan Rickman wins the Noble prize, and his son gets kidnapped, and nobody cares, because he’s such an arrogant jerk.   




picture-4Spinning Into Butter – Sarah Jessica Parker plays the dean of an insular college who must confront her own racism.   (OK, first off, SJP as a dean of a college?)   An examination of race on college campuses that was a pretty good play, and a pretty humdrum movie.

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