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DVD Roundup

Movies available on DVD this week:   

revolutionary-road-1  Revolutionary RoadSam Mendes returns to themes of suburban malaise, this time in the ’50s.   “Titanic” stars DiCaprio and Winslet are reunited, possibly showing what might’ve happened if he hadn’t frozen in the ice.   Not a pretty picture. 


Defiance – Daniel Craig leads a group of Jews who take to the woods to escape the Nazi threat, and then become a threat to the Nazis.   Haven’t I been saying we need a movie like this, in which Jews aren’t passive survivalists who allow themselves to be killed off?   I’ll see if I can watch and review it next week.

He’s Just Not That Into You –  A group of women are desperate to get married and can’t understand why their guys, or guys in general, aren’t.  (Hint: maybe it’s because you’re so desperate to get married.)    Sound like fun to you?

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