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Just Another Love Story


26250  “Just Another Love Story” is, essentially, “While You Were Sleeping” plus a psycho-killer.   It’s amazing how well that works.  

There’s no reason you should remember a forgettable film like “While You Were Sleeping,”  so let me remind you — Sandra Bullock has a crush on a guy who ends up in a coma, and she passes herself off as his girlfriend in order to be allowed to visit him, but then the family thinks she’s really the girlfriend, and she never disillusions them, and then he wakes up, and falls in love with her, and they live happily ever after, in spite of all the deception and dishonesty.    

So take that, flip the gender roles (girl in coma, boy in awkward situation) and you have “Just Another Love Story.”   Except that the girl (Rebecka Hemse) was on the run from a crazed and dangerous boyfriend when she went into the coma.   And you know, early on, that he’s bound to turn up eventually, and that things are going to get reaaaaallly interesting when he does.    And they do.   Director Ole Bornedal does not disappoint, and the final scenes of “Just Another Love Story” are some of the tensest and most thrilling in recent memory.  

Which makes me wonder.    How many other dumb and fluffy romantic comedies could be made a whole lot better with the simple addition of a psycho killer?   I certainly would’ve been a lot more interested in seeing “Sex and the City” if I knew one of the girls was secretly a serial killer.   “Bride Wars” would’ve been a heck of a lot more interesting if the brides actually warred.    And what if “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days” actually involved, ahem, losing a guy?  

We could start our own film festival.

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  1. Anna – it’s from FRIENDS, that’s Monica with the Turkey on her head, it was her way of apologizing to Chandler. I rmmbeeer when I saw this episode I couldn’t stop laughing for what seems like an hour. haha

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