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DVD Roundup

Movies available this week on DVD: 

Bolt – Standard Disney fare.   Your kids are bound to love it, even as it plays upon their deepest fears and insecurities.  

Quantum of Solace – I didn’t have much good to say about the newest Bond movie when I first reviewed it.   But this week I watched both “Taken” and “The International.”   And you know what?   “Solace” wasn’t half bad.  

Twilight – The tweener vampire love story that people will be watching (as opposed to “Let the Right One In,”  the tweener vampire love story they should be watching.)

Gardens of the Night – A movie about kidnapped children and sex trafficking in America.   Please, somebody, if you’ve seen this and it’s bearable, let me know. 

Praying With Lior – Documentary about a Jewish kid with Down’s Syndrome who seems unusually close to God.   On my Netflix list, so keep an eye out for the review sometime in the next few weeks.

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