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Rules of Attraction (2002)


Directed by Roger Avary, who co-wrote “Pulp Fiction” with Quentin Tarantino, “Rules of Attraction” is a movie full of sex and drugs, all about the emptiness of sex and drugs.   Focusing on beautiful, well-to-do college students who have nothing better or more interesting to do than get high and sleep with each other,  it reveals that getting high and sleeping with each other are the drugs they take to deal with the fact that they have nothing better or more interesting to do.    It can feel like a shock fest – the nasty version of “American Pie,” maybe.   But at its heart, it’s really just the opposite, choosing to look straight on at this stuff most of us shy away from, in order to show us what a false idol it is.   Nobody in this movie is happy.  Nobody in this movie knows how to be happy.   And the more they realize just how unhappy they are, the more they do things that damage any chance they’d ever have to be happy.

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