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Vera Drake

Oh my gosh.   People, if you are going to break the law, and break it continually for twenty years, you need to come to terms with the fact that eventually you’re going to get caught, and punished.   Granted, some laws are wrong, and the only right thing to do is break them: the best example I can think of is hiding Jews in Nazi Germany.   Nonetheless.   When you get caught, don’t go all blubbery and speechless.  Stand up proud, declare the rightness of what you’ve done, and accept your punishment with a stiff upper lip.   Especially if you’re British.  

“Vera Drake” is about a cleaning lady who “helps out” young women “in trouble.”  Ie, she performs unsanitary, dangerous abortions.  Watching it, I tried to set aside the fact that Vera and I sharply disagree about what she is doing.   I have strong opinions about abortion, but I also recognize that it’s a hazy, confusing issue and I ought to be able to respect someone who has different opinions than mine.  

What I can’t respect is someone who apparently never thought about what might happen to her and her family were she ever caught.   She blubbers and whispers her way through the last half of the movie, and any sympathy or respect I had for her quickly dissipated.   I wanted to sit down next to her in the police station and shout, “Well, what did you THINK would happen?  Twenty years and it never occurred to you that what you’re doing is illegal?   Come on woman!   If you think you’re in the right, and the law is wrong, stand up and bloody say so!   But whatever you do, STOP BLUBBERING!”   


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  1. jonathan soweidy said

    This is my favorite review so far. Mostly because i can totally hear the contempt in your voice seething through.

  2. Umm, are you really just giving this info out for nogniht?

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