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Christmastime: White Christmas

Bing Crosby is the star, Danny Kaye the comic relief.   Rosemary Clooney is the singer, Vera-Ellen the dancer.   Never have four such different performers been paired so successfully.    Add some pretty amazing costumes, a decent song or two, and what you get is a Christmas classic.

Crosby and Kaye are army buddies who end up at a dry ski lodge in Vermont with a chance to save their old general’s business.   Kaye and V-E conspire to get Crosby and Clooney to fall in love, and end up in love themselves; turns out Vera-Ellen’s a better kisser than Kaye’s cocker spaniel.   Naturally there’s a busybody who makes things difficult for the golden children, but it all works out in the end. 

“White Christmas” doesn’t introduce any new songs (even the title tune was introduced a few years before in “Holiday Inn”) but manages to seamlessly integrate song and dance numbers by making our heroes performers, and our climax a show.   It’s all teary, cinematic, beautiful, sentimental, and generous.

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